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  1. Blushes (3)
  2. Bronzers (1)
  3. Concealers (2)
  4. Eyebrow Pencil (4)
  5. Eyebrow Wax (2)
  6. Eyeshadows (7)
  7. Face Moisturiser (1)
  8. Foundations (19)
  9. Highlighters (4)
  10. Lip Balms (2)
  11. Lipgloss (2)
  12. Lip Liner (2)
  13. Lip Oils (1)
  14. Lipsticks (1)
  15. Mascara (2)
  16. Primers (2)
  17. Serums (1)
  18. Setting Sprays and powders (3)
  1. Black
  2. Brown
  3. Clear
  4. Gold
  5. Multi
  6. Nude
  7. Orange
  8. Pink
  9. Purple
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Makeup Revolution

Revolution Beauty exists to develop incredible, cruelty free beauty for everyone, made accessible in shade and to be affordable for all. Revolution Beauty strives to bring their customers the latest ingredients, technology and formulations at an affordable price. They want to break down barriers that stop people from enjoying beauty – be that price, shade range or accessibility. They will always strive to do more #progressnotperfection. Everything that they produce is cruelty-free and always has been. They’re certificated to PETA and never allow animal testing at any stage of development for both ingredients and final products. Their aim is to bring products to the market first, fast & affordably. Revolution Beauty launch products regularly but control their buying quantities so that the supply meets the demand as best they can to combat waste. Revolution Beauty are constantly evolving, so being fast and agile allows them to change and grow for the better at a faster pace.